Our Story

As a mom of an active family and a flight attendant for 35 years, I often saw people trying to lug around over sized and bulky items that weren't easy to carry around. Moms with carseats, businessmen with odd sized expo materials, families with all kinds of sports equipment and personal gear, would be at a loss of how they could transport large items without tying up their hands. 

I designed a big bag that has the ability to stretch and accommodate anything and everything with ease.

I wanted the fabric to be weather resistant and durable and after a lot of searching I decided on the almost indestructible fabric that is used in the making of oversized outdoor theaters screens.  

The first bag I made we used for our family move and it made packing easy by eliminating several small loads.  I made a few changes to the bag to keep it lightweight, durable and easier to pack and thus the bigRock Flexx Bag was born.   

Please share your pictures and experiences of all the unique ways you find to use our bigROCK bag.

Our one-of-a-kind design lets you carry large loads hand-free with cutting edge design and materials that will perform time and time again. We hope you love the bigRock Flexx Bag as much as we do.